The order of modules for the triple science GCSE complete service are shown in the table below. If you do not need the full course of 24 modules, you can select any number and combination of modules from any of the three sciences using the <Pick & Mix service>. The triple science modules are scheduled in an integrated way to build a knowledge base layer-by-layer, For example, knowledge of atomic structure and the periodic table is a prerequisite to understanding cell structure. 


Courses can be completed in 24, 12 or 6 weeks, the "Modules by Week" table below shows the weekly workload in hours, of the video lessons and tutorial time for each length of course.

Links to video lessons and corresponding ZOOM tutorials are e-mailed when a place is booked. Video lessons should be viewed in advance of the scheduled tutorial. The video lessons can be paused and reviewed indefinitely. Students can ask questions and are shown how to apply the concepts explained in the video lessons to answer real exam questions at the online tutorials. Students are tested regularly to identify any issues. Parents are advised to administer the tests to ensure exam conditions are met. 

Module tests C3 & B3 are critical for progression to the next stage and ideally should be passed before continuing  to the next modules in the series. If a student does not pass a critical test, there are four options, which we will contact  you to discuss; 1- Review the video lesson 2- Book an online one-to-one tutorial, pass a re-test and remain on the same cycle 3- Transfer to the next course cycle and re-attend the failed module, at no extra cost. 4- Continue on the same cycle and self-study to catch up. <Call> if you need more information or send an <Enquiry>.

The start dates of the 24/12/6 cycles are shown on the calendar below, which you can use to book your complete GCSE course(s). If you miss a tutorial due to unforeseen circumstances you can re-attend on the next cycle, without extra charge. Please notify us if this happens and you will be issued a voucher code. If you are unhappy with the course you can cancel at any time and any monies owing will be reimbursed.

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