This service is a hybrid of self-directed learning of the GCSE Science knowledge base using a video playlist bolstered by tutor-supported development of exam technique via regular live online interactive tutorials.

  • A FREE Complete GCSE Science video playlist

An ordered compilation of hand-picked, easy-to-follow, engaging videos has been created using the best from a diverse set of resources. Students can play, pause and rewind the videos as many times as they like. This has a significant advantage over traditional collective teaching in the classroom, as videos can be digested by students at their own pace and according to their own preferred individual schedules. 

  • Regular LIVE online exam question practise 

Providing students watch and digest the video playlist for the tutorial, all students arrive at the exam question practise sessions at the same level of understanding allowing me to develop their abilities further as a cohort. My value as a tutor in this model shifts from explaining concepts, which are covered in the videos for FREE, to developing the ability of students to interpret and answer exam questions correctly and maximise the grades achieved in the final exams, to make best use of your finances.


The table below shows the order of the 24 online exam practise tutorials that correspond to each of the 24 video playlist modules. Use the list to select the module(s) you require and scroll down to bottom of the page to the events calendar to book your place(s). The videos for each module are around 1 hour and should be viewed in advance of the corresponding tutorial session.  Do not do this at the last minute before the tutorial! - students may want to pause and/or review videos as some videos are more "involved" than others!! Access to the Complete GCSE sciences video lesson playlist is completely FREE, just sign-up on the <members> page. Scroll to the bottom of the page if you wish to book modules(s). If you do not require the complete package you can use the <Complete GCSE Triple Science Service>.